About us


We, Castle GmbH worldwide decor agency, are an international commercial agency based in Germany.



At the moment, we act as intermediaries between our partners and their customers in 75 countries, with a considerably rising trend, our network already includes thousands of customers.

Our suppliers come from Germany, France, Great Britain, and South Korea.


Apart from the strongest wholesalers and chains in the respective countries, we have listings in purchasing associations. Furthermore, we maintain personal contacts with the buyers of large chains in Germany, France, Great Britain, India, and Brazil.

In addition, we have our own team of representatives providing full-range support to the DIY and specialist stores in France.



What we take off our suppliers’ shoulders:


- The constant presentation of new products


- Reaching and winning new customers


- The intensive maintenance of the existing regular clientele


- The supervision of payments


- On request, taking care of the audit


- Communication with haulage contractors


- The tracking and supervising of delivery processes


- The handling of complaints




If necessary, we can put together our own teams of representatives for our suppliers in all countries, who will then take over the on-site support of medium-sized and smaller companies. It is not only possible for us to arrange for the establishment of a business abroad, but also to provide local collection services in case of problems.




Castle GmbH worldwide decor agency was founded in 2012. Since then, we have steadily expanded our network and can now proudly look back on a ten-year success story with sales, customers, and friends all over the world. With the mediated turnover topping the 30 million Euro mark, our business model is confirmed beyond measure, which is also underlined by the positive feedback from our suppliers and customers.


Our suppliers can fully concentrate on the production and development of their products. Instead of dealing with the arduous task of capturing new markets, they can benefit from our vast network without delay.


We work exclusively on a commission basis for regular sales: another great advantage for the supplier, who has a fixed sum in the calculation of his products and does not have to burden himself with high fixed costs. In brief: with low sales, low costs.


Therefore, the risk is entirely on our side, which, of course, motivates us to show our very best performance.


Here you will find a list of the countries we are currently working on. In all these countries, we have real customers with real sales. All these countries can also become part of your marketing area.


If you are interested, contact us to get into a profitable business.




Castle GmbH worldwide decor agency

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